Data-Driven Marketing for Telco’s: Part I

Winston Rivero

For today’s post we are introducing an article from Winston Rivero, Senior Sales Director LATAM for comScore & Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director of Newtoms LLC, he is an authority in Analytics and Big Data applications for Telecommunications, and a good friend. Winston has agreed writing  a guest-post for The Madrid Telecom’s Blog on the Data-Driven Marketing for Telco’s, and today we are sharing the first of a two-article series on the topic. I hope you enjoy it.

A. Rodriguez

Data Driven Marketing Example

Data Driven Marketing Example

When you realize you are a subject of desire, and without thinking about it twice, you give “signals” to your lover about: what you do, where you are, who you are, what you like and what you don’t like and to top it off show signs of separation anxiety, it simply means that you are in love and Cupido has the form and the name of your Telco provider, you two literally are: connected.  Love is literally in the air, and such phenomenon has many names, 3G, Wi-Fi and lately LTE. We all know that our mobile devices are our most personal and precious piece of technology, and because of our closeness to it, and our absolute and constant opening and continuous expression of our persona(s) we are also, the dream of a Telco Marketer.

Never before in the history of marketing the conditions for perfect marketing were present like today, yet, it is proven to be overwhelming to Telco’s, and some people call it Big Data. However, I will not discuss big data here because that’s like talking about the space infinitum and that cause my mind to go numb; I will rather focus on Subscriber Analytics as a way to compete from Telco perspective, and as a way to get richer and better Customer Experience now that love is in the air and it is impacting in our daily lives.

Telco’s play the role of Cupidos and their business goals can be summarized as the ability to GROW ARPU (Average Revenue per User), GAIN customers, KEEP customer Happy in order to have an ever positive and evolving EBITDA. No matter how you approach it, that’s it, that’s what Telco operator want in order to see with all those huge investments in technology, marketing, network, OSS/BSS ensemble that is orchestrated below and behind scene of your most beloved connected device, call it: Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.

A new Digital universe unfolds and it comes with several forms of deities such as Big Data, Analytics, and Data Warehouse. Goddesses have been invoked on the quest of the Gem Goal by operators all over. Subscriber Analytics is certainly one of the most powerful Semi-Gods that receive many praises by the Telco industry community; it is the Son of Omnipotent Big Data and the Thoughtful Analytics Godessess. So what’s the main super power that come from Subscriber Analytics?, simple: the ability to read, decompose and present a multi-dimensional picture of your Digital DNA. The one that can describe Who are you?, What motivates you?, what you spend your time, energy and money into. When you think about it, is natural: Who knows better about you?, your Mom/Dad/Spouse? Or your Telco operator?… the answer is a no brainer!: Your Telco Operator, of course!. Like the sea to the sailor, your Telco Operator is the way and the life of your digital existence!, and you can’t deny not even one time, let alone three!. Once I let you thinking and meditating on your Digital persona, please put that thought in the back burner and join me to unfold ourselves into our alter ego and let’s become Telco Marketers for a minute.

Let’s use our imagination with the following scenario, you and I have been given the responsibility to run the Marketing Department in order to GROW ARPU over the next 6 months, launch LTE successfully and make the CEO and stake holders happy.  Well, because we are using imagination, do not stop on the tyipcal excuse of budget, resources, workload, etc. Your job and my job is on the line, so follow me and let’s do it!.  We just got to the office and we turned on our 24 inches screen that is connected to our “Crystal Ball Server”.

In this real-magic scenario, we could very well conduct a multi-dimensional search in pursuit of happiness. Then conduct a search filtered by: Dates, geography, customer type, devices, gender, age, technology, etc.

The task at hand would call for ingesting the overall data traffic in a period of time from different sources: DPI, GGSN, CRM, Tariff Plans, Cell towers lat-long, and then spice it with URL dictionaries, protocol dictionaries, Device dictionaries, App dictionaries so we can finally can look to the resulting picture:

Business Challenge – Source: comScore

What is it good for?

–      GROW ARPU

–      GAIN Subscribers

–      RETAIN happy subscribers

This fictional recreation is nothing but a very basic combination of information that is already in the possession of a Telco operator. What’s key in the story above is the ability to add meaning to the operator’s Big data; I am talking about Protocol dictionaries in order to detect Streaming and IM type of traffic, I am referring to Device dictionaries in order to determine the type of smartphone the subscriber is using and avoid relying on CRM info but actual User Agent given away when you navigate the web, and I am talking about URL’s dictionaries that allow me to classify the customer interests out of the vast and complex variety of websites in the Cyber Space: Health, sports, education, news, retail, entertainment, you name it. The digital advertising agencies handle around 118 categories, how many is an operator able to classify? Are they suffering from data indigestion?

Among practical uses cases we have:

  1. Marketing campaign to identify most popular Apps downloaded in a given territory for a given period of time with its inherent categories: Sports, News, Games, etc. Paid?, free? (Apps dictionary required) Then preload smartphones and segment the device offering based on most popular mobile devices considering its features (Mobile dictionary required)?
  2. How about targeting the subscriber base with high consumption of internet services but devices unable to use LTE out there?, shall the operator proactively upgrade such target group then direct a campaign based on customer interests: news sites, games, sports, social networks, based on URL’s visited? (URL’s dictionary required).
  3. How about Feature to Smartphone conversion strategies?
  4. Think of Tablet attachment campaigns directed to specific smartphone users with a particular pattern in their digital behavior without a tablet?
  5. What about gaming targeting?… Not only because gaming is a hot trend but because Marketing based on Games is another interesting topic we should write on very soon.

Example Analytics Dashboard

The practical cases are unlimited, you get the point… Now, don’t you think that Analytics is also a foundational way to really be able to set up and manage Policy Management? How many operators have implemented PCRF’s then go catatonic due to lack of insights, or differentiated and dynamic charging?.  Can you be dynamic without the appropiate fuel?.

Finally, insights must result in actions!, so execution is of the essence:

Example Data Driven Marketing Campaign

“Love without bread will not last”, however man cannot live by bread alone”.

Love will keep in the air if you really care, and that’s why our next article will discuss how to use Subscriber Analytics to the point of Care.

Winston Rivero